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The Tea Party....Activist Group or Social Club

The Tea Party…Activist Group or Social Club?

The Tea Party is at a branch in the road, which way will we go? Many local Tea Party and Patriot groups have tried from inception to maintain a nonpartisan stance. As we near the end of the primary season we are forced to decide…fish or cut bait…become active and support candidates or be a social club.

I have heard, oh so, many times “We are the Tea Party, we don’t endorse candidates, we just advocate for issues”. Well, what our Country needs right now is a little more “grassroots activism”, you know that feet in the street, boots on the ground kind of activism. Of course you are going to have to decide who to endorse whether your local leader and Tea Party will chose or not, because voting for someone you trust to do the right thing is your only viable option to bring real change and secure your liberties.

Remember the old rhyme “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names cannot hurt me”? Well, today’s politicians have a new one “Chants and signs might reflect the times but only votes can replace me!” That’s right “No votey, no changey”! You can just advocate for issues or you can, in addition, elect candidates who agree with you on issues! Personally I like my elected officials to be on my side of the issues, it makes life easier!

The battle to restore and preserve your freedom and liberty is going to be fought door to door, call by call, one vote at a time, not at rallies waving signs. If you expect to win, you have to be ready to invest something, time or money, it’s your choice. Find the candidates that represent your views most closely and go out there and work for them.

If your Tea Party leaders can’t make a choice or endorse the most viable candidates, let them know that the battle for freedom and liberty cannot be won from the sidelines. If they still don’t want to make a choice then it is time to start marching to your own tune or find new leaders.

You have the fire in the belly, the desire to do something and you want to make a difference. What a shame it would be to waste all of that energy going to luncheons, meet and greets, rallies and such just to hang out with folks of like mind and wind up missing the real battle for your freedom! It’s one thing to talk about freedom and quite another to defend it. Let’s hope that we all are successful with this year’s elections and we can continue to enjoy our freedom and not just be talking about what it used to be like to be free.

Win or lose what will your legacy be? When your grandkids ask about the great battle between constitutional freedom and socialism, are you going to tell them how you were in the thick of it fighting tooth and nail, going door to door and call by call garnering the necessary votes or will you tell them you were going to meetings and waving signs.

Which scenario do you think will bring the change we need and restore the hope of our nation? Choose whom you are going to support today, call the campaign, get engaged in the fight and start securing your freedom and liberty, before it is too late!

Oh, and to help save time, if you have read this far, you will probably find the candidates of your choosing on the Republican ticket. Reclaim…Restore…Reunite the Republic!

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Comment by O. P. Ditch on June 26, 2010 at 4:01pm
Very Good Tom!! Can we spread your fighting spirit to Maryland. Tell me about your Plan.








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