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I saw a troubling story this morning on Fox news. Apparently the burping of sheep is contributing to global warming gasses.

This is not a new assertion though it was a little bit troubling to see it on Fox news. The question is where are they going with this. I urge everyone to remember that everything starts out small. Ten to fifteen years ago no one would have considered gay marriage and now you are evil if you are against it. Now conservatives are looking at Civil Unions as a fall back position.

We all know that to progressives it is not enough to control their own lives; they must control yours. We also know that progressives are the Peta/ don't eat meat types. Don't think they will not use this argument to push the reduction of food producing herds. They are using global "climate change" to push so many agendas and this will be the new one.

The scientist that was on Fox news stated that these animals would not exist were it not for human consumptions. The implication there being that we should stop eating them and using their wool to save the environment. This is also designed to counter the anti-man made global warming defense that man produces fewer global warming gasses than animals. Here mankind is also blamed for the global warming gasses emitted by animals.

The other statement that he made near the end of the segment was that scientists agree that global climate change is probably worse that even the craziest predictions. The most disturbing thing about this was that even the "fair and balanced" Fox News provided no dissenting view whatsoever. Maybe it IS time for the fairness doctrine. JK

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Comment by Lewis Hawthorne on March 4, 2009 at 3:56pm
i see this as another tool for the demicrats to use to add another tax on the farmers. I hope im wrong on this but i see it comming. ANOTHER TAX
Comment by Sandy Cope on February 28, 2009 at 4:56pm
Mark- I was aware that Gingrich is a green believer, but, I look at all that have bought into it as those that have a monetary stake in it, because that is all the whole thing is about. When Gingrich sat on the couch with America's mother-in-law, she must have tipped him to T Boone Pickens who already has the lock on his creepy wind turbines. Pickens was an oil man, made gazillions on it, and now is looking to cash in on his wind energy plans. I think he should start at one end of the line and blow- his hot air will get those blades a movin'. It's like they say, for some enough is never enough, especially when it comes to money. His Cap and Trade (Charge) plans will do so much more damage to an already very fragile economy, but Obama has shown absolutely no concern for the amount of money that Fort Knox is pumping out, as long as he doesn't run out of ink and paper, he's good to go. The policy will totally bankrupt the coal industry as he promised Harper to monitor when he met him in Canada. I believe he may have been asking Harper to stop producing the dirty oil from the sands in Canada. Don't we buy some of that Oil? I suspect if "we the people" who have 2 living brain cells, will wake up and rattle him to the core, we may be able to stop the retarded idiot from his plan of "all for me, none for thee." I'm hearing that CPAC this year has been the best ever.
Comment by Mark Collins on February 28, 2009 at 2:27pm
Sorry Sandy. I know its tough to get the sarcasm into a post. Believe me I'm not buying into the fairness doctrine and I've always been skeptical about Fox. Still better than the other 3 but you need to find your own facts on just about everything these days. I actually find you, Coby, and George more reliable than anyone in the mainstream media.

As far as global warming even Newt Gingrich has drank the Kool-aid. I also heard Mitt Romney say at CPAC yesterday that Cap and Trade won't work unless we make it global Cap and Trade. What kind of socialist crap is that. Lets make it NO Cap and Trade. It's all such a farce.
Comment by Sandy Cope on February 28, 2009 at 11:32am
First of all, do not use the term "climate chage", keep it at Global Warming as that is where Algore started this whole craptastic sham. The believers have changed it to Climate Change conviently because we are in a period of cooling. Climate Change covers a broad base where the cult can find many places to park.

Now it's sheep burps, last week it was cow farts. And, someone in the Congress I think yesterday said that the Americans are very spoiled because they have to have soft quilted multi-layered toilet paper. He claimed that Americans have far to sensitive buttocks. Hannity suggested the believers use sand paper. This idiot said that the toilet paper we insist on using is more harmful to the environment than driving a Hummer. He said that new ideas will come forward as to an alternative to Toilet Paper. I suggest leaves! I've been caught with my pants down a time or two and leaves will work in a pinch, that is until we find a "new green alternative" to Toilet Paper.

Mark- Why are you surprised that Fox covered this story? Fox has been moving left for some time now. Soon it will be considered another part of the Liberal Mainstream media. Don't you know that O'Reilly has bought lock stock and barrell into the Global Warming charade, and he is all for "giving Obama a chance" while in his first 30 days has reversed the direction of this great nation directly into Socialism. I understand that the guests on Fox, that commented on Jindals speech threw him under the bus, and then ran him over again. They were not concerned with substance, just style. If I want style, I'll listen to Obama eloquently and with great style telling lie after lie to the national audience. Krauthammer said on the panel last night that Jindal was "the loser of the week." Please do not look to Fox for "fair and balanced" as they are anything but.

As to the un-Fairness Doctrine, I believe that it presently involves radio, and there was some talk about it hitting the internet also. It will happen, but, through the back door with Obamas directions to his FCC staff. Obama has proven over and over that he has some real thin skin, and he can't take criticizim. In order for him to become the dictator he must stop Rush and Hannity and the other Conservative radio talk show hosts from exposing who he really is, and what his policies mean for the country. He will squelch free speech, that is a given. I heard Beck say the other day that he can't wait to be the first syndicated host on NPR. Righto! He'll be sitting right there with Juan Williams and Mara Liaason talking over him.

Mark- It is great to be open minded and willing to consider other peoples ideas, but, please make sure those ideas are Conservative, and ban yourself from even listening to Liberal garbage like Universal Healthcare and the Fairness Doctrine. They are antithetical to what we believe as Conservatives.








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