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Gov Jindal responds to "cable chatter" question

Gov Jindal of Louisiana responds to a reporter's question about the Stimulus. Reporter refers to President mentioning "cable chatter" being blown out of proportion.

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Comment by Sandy Cope on February 28, 2009 at 8:02am
Bobby Jindal is the Liberal Medias next victim. More distressing than that is the Republicans and the Republican journalists, pundits and strategists remarks in response to Bobby Jindals response to the Obama speech on Tuesday. I have read from some that he was flat, he looked like a little boy and not ready for prime time and on and on. You automatically expect that from the Libs, but from those who are supposed to be Republicans/Conservatives? This is exactly what not only the media, but our own did to Sarah Palin, remember the Couric interview? They did it to Fred Thompson before he even got into the race, and ramped it up after he entered.

That makes me think that to have all the props, all the adoring crowds fawning in the background, and all the hype and applause has taken over what a person is actually saying. I will take substane over style any day of the week. We don't need a Republican Obama who works the crowd with lie after lie, but he looks and sounds good doing it. Sometimes I wonder if some don't need to put a sign on their heads- Empty space for rent!








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