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Opportunism sometimes just means that people learned from their experience. 

That can lead to wisdom were people learn from other people’s experience, the Laws of Nature and perhaps even from the Laws of Nature’s God.  When all those things combines into some breath-taking, hair-raising, larger experience we find something new is created which is the exceptional part of America.  What other reason can there be that causes the rest of the world to believe in us, envy us, and condemn us for our obvious shortcomings as though America was the treasonous author of their society’s failures? 


It is the commonness of those exceptional moments in American history which compels many to turn their thoughts to those things we cannot see, or know, enough to make any graven image of it is not pathetically laughable. At least, pathetically laughable to those persons who have not invested in that graven image.  Many people are wise enough to stifle their laughter because they know how common ‘religious’ wars are – even among friends and family. 


And they know how great the cost is and how little profit there is to those who fight those wars for reasons of honest belief –  NOT for that reason of false flag piracy.  False flag piracy takes a profit in almost any change and turns even the best changes into misfortune.    False flag piracy is that provocative and evil parasite that gives ‘Opportunism’ a negative connotation by False flag piracy’s association with the conditions where False flag piracy takes its natural prey.


The honest passion that is the activist strength of both the Tea Party and the Coffee Party makes them both highly vulnerable to false flag piracy.  There is a very simple, practical, old, essential free, readily available food for the mind and spirit that will make the People of that Coffee Party and the Tea Party essentially immune to the evil whiles of those false flag pirates and parasites. 


This great thing is so old that I feel I must put it in a fresh wrapper so you won’t refuse its sustenance just because it is very, very old.


So consider some new science in astronomy – even with the limited reach of our best telescopes and the limited power of our best calculations – it seems that we can see no more than about two and one half percent of all that there is.  But we can tell that the unseen exists – not from direct observation – but from how all that is unseen affects the motion of what we can see – by close disciplined observation of what we can see, we know that much of what we cannot see, must exist – and that there is no other rational understanding available for the behavior we see. 


We have to accept our uncertainties and perhaps even honor the sum of that uncertainty as the continuing origin of every existing and new thing that we can be reasonable certain enough of to trust and build our lives on.  Without trust in what-sum-of-what-we-cannot-know we will be so lost that we will be compelled to presume trust in laughably dead and powerless graven-image idols.  That old first commandment, that old first and second greatest of all “the Laws of Nature and Natures God”, is the resource that can free us from becoming the prey of “false flag pirates and parasites”. 


We know there are those who lust after this great people to make it their prey, enslave it, and skim the cream of this fat land to make it their own.  We know our true enemy exists even when we cannot see it. 


We also know what it is that can make that enemy powerless.  We know we have as much immunity as we want against that enemy – and it is free so long as we are willing to be true to ourselves, no matter what that appears to cost.  The trick is to understand that cost is that as much as we do not become true to ourselves we have already lost ourselves.


Yet, whatever loss of our selves we have suffered, we can find that we have Unalienable right to take ourselves back.  This knowledge, springing from the hidden places in our hearts, is the passion that drives both the Tea Parties and the Coffee Party. 

You know this to be true. 

Consider your rebuttals before you depose them.


This is the point where if you read the first and second sentence of the birth certificate of our nation, our Declaration of Independence, you will get it – you will know that your inheritance in that exceptional origin of our nation is yours - NO temporal power has the authority to take that from you - Short of fraud - And you always retain the authority to take that inheritance back – WITHOUT LIMITATION – WITHOUT CONDITION. 


Now, are we ready to get down to the business of making that prompting in our hearts the reality of our lives?

Rhetoric sandwiches cannot sustain us long.  We have work to do.  Ultimately, we cannot be satisfied by less than what is real.


Our government “Of the People, By the People”, even now, creating itself under our exceptional constitutions lawfully incorporated under the authority witnessed in our Declaration of Independence, is not our enemy. Those who under false-flag pirate(verb) lawful office contrary to their oath of office and parasitize their sovereign people are the ENEMY – Under our laws their trespasses against us (individually and jointly) are actionable felony against our Unalienable right and that right’s Creator.  Our truly authorized laws both obligate and authorize us to remedy their crimes (ref1, ref2).  Whether under false flag of right or left, those pirates and parasites are under false flag to make us their prey and domesticate their sovereign as though it were slave animal rather than the sovereign people. 

Captioned: The democratic party and their masters wonder why they have no traction.

One CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY link http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/groupProfile.asp?grpid=6967


In the performance of our law obligated duty to remedy the felonies (ref1, ref2) of false flag pirates and parasites, justice requires our attention to whether or not criminal intent exists.  Is there good reason to punish that donkey just because that donkey is normally abused?  That would be ugly and without good reason.




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