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A violation of 18USC2381 Treason upon deprecating our Constitution that gives any state a cause for lawful withdrawal from our Constitution upon failure-of-consideration

"A violation of 18USC2381 Treason upon deprecating our Constitution that gives any state a cause for lawful withdrawal

from our Constitution upon failure-of-consideration"

When any person in any state is wronged by a deprecation of our Constitution's supremacy that wrong is a violation of 18USC2381Treason or at least probable cause of an attempt to perpetrate that felony. This statement may reasonably raise your eyebrows or more.  Even so it is appears testably true. This world is still a dangerous place. We cannot afford to let anyone give any of our states cause to go its separate way outside of the fold of our Constitution even if the state lawfully did so retaining affinity and a reduced unity under the still standing "Articles of Confederation". See preamble re:Articles of Confederation

When ANYONE within the jurisdiction of the United States so functionally deprecates our Constitution's supremacy that they give ANOTHER cause to be alienated from the rights and duties devolving from that supremacy  that ANYONE, potentially,
gives the wronged person's state a reasoned cause to abandon our Constitution for failure-of-consideration.

In doing so, that ANYONE perpetrates probable cause of attempted 18USC2381Treason .  That extremity is moderated by the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt criteria and jury trial
required to obtain conviction.  

On the face of any such criminal process against that ANYONE: 

1) not deemed to know the law and the constitution (to that particular) in statutory accord with their professional standing or 

2) not given timely and particular prior notice of the law and the Constitution 

it would be nearly impossible to establish probable cause of criminal intent to the violation beyond a reasonable doubt, such that any so il- formed a prosecution should be abuse of process obligating the disbarment of the prosecutor.

In this fashion every state can have most of the protection Virginia has in Va18.2481(5) statutory treason, "resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority"

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