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I've sat back this past week and watched the typical suspects in the political and media class having their fun attacking, ridiculing, and belittling Herman Cain. That it has not worked is I believe a testament to the integrity and stength of the man. There was even an allegation that he may not know China has nuclear weopons. Well who would suppose such a thing from a man who has been politically engaged for some time now? Maybe they believe he doesn't read newspapers? I know some might play the race card at this point but it really isn't about race this kind of thing is the 'political class' card.


It is the product of the snide clever frat boys and girls who like to snicker at every perceived mistatement and out of context clip when it comes from a perceived conservative who is outside of their clique while totally ignoring if not outright defending their favored politicians like Mitt Romney who has said many unflattering things such as with the  'hang Obama' gaff or "I'm unemployed too" smirk or the best one yet "I can't hire illegal aliens...I'm running for office" or some such thing but no matter how many times he does this it is no big deal because of course the political class and media class make sure of it. Yes of course they do a compulsory story but unlike with Herman Cain or Sarah Palin they don't do what often ends up being countless hundreds of stories that are then aggregated so as each additional perceived or concoted gaff becomes a running narrative defining them by their trivial mistakes while of course Romney's gaff's are considered 'minor missteps' and inconsequential on his road to destiny.


That aside I would like to share a few passages with you to introduce you to the Herman Cain you may or may not know. Here Herman Cain describes his job in the Navy civil service:


"I was assigned to the a department called exterior ballistics. This group was responsible for analyzing data and determining aerodynamic coefficients for all Navy projectiles...missiles, bombs,and bullets...using the equations of motion.My job was to apply a computer simulation model to real-time data measurements to a new or modified projectile, deriving the numbers that could be programmed into an on-board fire control computer.This allowed the battleship or fighter aircraft to improve its target "hit" ratio."  -Herman Cain from 'Leadership is Common Sense'


So ask yourself does that sound like a stupid man? I know it doesn't fit the narrative of the Washington DC political and media class whose choice of candidates have driven our country into fiscal and social disaster. He speaks about his business success here:

"There's the perception that to be successful you've got to do something dishonest but I haven't had to stab anyone in the back and I don't plan to" -Herman Cain Chairman of Godfathers Pizza The American Enterprise vol 8


That sounds like an honest man to me but where did he get his work ethic? His optimism? Here is what Herman Cain had to say about his father:


"My father walked off of his family's small Tennessee dirt farm in 1943 at the age of eighteen with literally just the clothes on his back. He had no money and no car, but he did have three invaluable possessions: his belief in God, his belief in himself and his abilities, and his belief in the promise of the United States of America."  -Herman Cain 'They Think You're Stupid: Why Democrats Lost Your Vote and What Re...


Sounds like a man who is proud of his father and proud of his faith and country but lets get to the point. What did Herman Cain know about Chinese nuclear weapons? I expect the left to take pot shots but for the right to try to tear down one of their own and a good accomplished man to boot well that is disgraceful. So did the Herman Cain know China had nukes?


"The U.S. should be less concerned about China's economic potential than by the military threat it poses. Three Chinese spies were recently indicted in the U.S. for conspiring to steal numerous naval warship technologies. This summer China and Russia participated in a week-long joint military exercise. China's build up of nuclear, military and space technologies to rival the U.S., and its saber-rattling over Taiwan's independence, signals a commitment to more red, not green." -Herman Cain 'Seeing Green in Red China' December 3, 2005

 I recommend the 'Herman Cain is stupid' lazy dimwits read the whole article they might learn something about China because Herman Cain surely knows more about the subject than they know about using google.


*All sources are linked so click through. I have a real job. It'd be nice if 'so called' conservative professional media would do theirs for a change.






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