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Open question to Veterans and those that love them.

My father is a Vietnam vet who for most of my life struggled with PTSD and several other physical ailments. I watched his condition deteriorate through years of drug and alcohol abuse and survived many a long night of abuse as a result of it. I did not understand at the time that my father was "self medicating" his condition. Still he put food on the table and provided for his family.

Finally after a 30 year battle he was hospitalized and afforded disability benefits by the veterans administration. He has since had several physical problems and has struggled with the level of care that he gets from the Veterans Administration. This includes having to make a 2 hour drive for every appointments. I think inspite of many of the good people that work there the veterans administration gives us a good insight into what nationalized healthcare would be like. That being said I ran an idea by my dad and would like your opinions.

Instead of the Government running a healthcare system for non-active duty retirees the government should simply pay an appropriate portion of private health insurance for all former military. Vets would get to choose amongst several approved plans and the government would pay a percentage based the soldiers eligibility for VA Care under the old system. Given the troubles my father has had with his care up until now and the fact that he believes his government would just as soon see him expire, he thought it was a great proposal.

I'm just curious if anyone can think of positives and negatives to this idea.

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Comment by Mark Collins on December 31, 2008 at 4:19pm
Dad's down in Florida but we try to get him and my mom to summer with us. They love to watch their grandkids and it gives me cheap babysitting. Unfortunately by brother and sister dont speak to him much. Neither really cares to forgive him for the years of alcohol abuse. I spent time with my parents at a VA Center taking part in forums on PTSD so I'm a bit more understanding.
Comment by Ron on December 31, 2008 at 3:35pm
Big thanks to your dad for his service and tears for him and your family for the pain. I am 50 and most everyone in my family is a vet except for me. My dad and brothers did not want me to have to experiance what they did in WWII and Nam
I think it is a great idea but it would need to be started grassroots with the VFW, American Legion and other veterans groups to make the call loud enough for those in Washington to hear. It will be a struggle and lng battle but I nevere say never and quit is a word I do not use.
I'd be willing to help in any way. Give dad a hug from me!!!
Comment by Sandy Cope on December 17, 2008 at 6:32pm
Mark- I cannot speak to any proposals for a revamped healthcare system for Veterans or anyone else. We are stuck, unfortunately, with the Obama/Kennedy/Daschel plan, whatever it may be. I understand your Dad's problems, as my Dad went through the same thing, however with different problems. It is my opinion that all those who have served our country should have the best healthcare, if they cannot afford private insurance. I was greately opposed to our illustrious Senator Webbs bill that passed. All Veterans need to be recognized and offered the same benefits. I honor the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, but we still have Veterans from previous wars, whether they were popular or unpopular wars. All Veterans should be the first we take care of in this country, period.








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